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At Granite State Gymnastics, maximizing your child's potential is our goal. We strive for a clean, safe and fun environment where your children, toddler through advanced, can utilize gymnastics to grow in life.

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Join our rec classes!


June is ice cream and Trophy month!

Hooksett Gym


 Hooksett Summer Schedule


Gymnastics & Dance Camp!!

 July 20-22nd   


August 10-12th




Tumbling Class

Thursday Nights


$15 per class


 Hooksett Open Gym

**New Times**

Monday & Fridays 


$5/member $7/non member

Saturday Nights



$13/non members per session









































Gym & Swim Specials!

May 25th - May 30th Gym & Swim is $240/week

Will be $275/week next week

Add $20 and split the week among any 5 days


GSG Hooksett is now offering 

Gymnastics & Dance Camp!!

  July 20-22nd   &   August 10-12th


 GSG now offering Shuttle Service from points in Bedford and Manchester to Hooksett and Bow Gyms - Beginning June 22nd.  

Click the Summer Program Tab for Details


Granite State Gymnastics selected as Favorite Gymnastics Facility by Parenting New Hampshire Magazine!!

Bow Gym Fall Schedule 2014-2015

Hooksett Gym Fall Schedule 2014-2015

Bow and Hooksett
Quick links for Class Registration:
New Customer
Already a Customer
or call either gym:
228-8424 (Bow)
935-9816 (Hooksett) 


 Now offering a 10% military discount on your child's monthly tuition. Contact the office for further details. 


Gym Calendar of Special Events and Holiday Closings

Granite State Gymnastics
































Join our rec classes!

June is ice cream and Trophy month!



Bow Summer Schedule


Mini Gathering

June 27 6pm-June 28th 8pm


For those interested in parkour, tricking & free style dance!

Will have bbq, pool will be open & will sleep inside the gym.

Call us for more information


Bow Drop-in

Tumbling Class

Tuesday Nights

7:00-8:00 pm

$15 per class


Bow Trampoline Class

Friday Nights

5:00-6:00 pm


Bow Open Gym

Friday Nights

8:00-10:00 pm 

All Ages

($13/$15 per session)

Saturday Nights

6:00 - 7:30 pm 

Ages 12 and under

($10/$13 per session)


 7:30 - 9:30 pm 

Ages 13+

($13/$15 per session)



Sunday Nights

6:00 - 8:00 pm

 All Ages

($13/$15 per session)























To register for a class click on the Bow or Hooksett tabs for class information or just give us a call.  The first time you enroll, in addition to the class fee, there is an annual $45 registration fee that runs September - August ($80/family).  Please be aware you must pay all fees to complete enrollment for your child.  

For those who wish to enroll in multiple months of classes, 

please ask the office for information about automatic enrollment.

On days of inclement weather, our website homepage and recorded phone message will let you know if classes will run.  Decisions for afternoon classes will be made by 2:00pm.  Decisions for morning classes will be made as early as possible.